about me

Well hello.

I guess you’re here because you’re curious about me… or you just took a random click and stumbled upon me.

If you’re curious about my professional credits as an actor that’s easily sourced with a click.

If you want more details about who I am, that takes a few more clicks.  Pieces of me are scattered throughout this site but here is a little heretofore unpublished trivia…

I like using starchy old expressions like heretofore.

I celebrate Chinese New Years in tribute to one quarter of my bloodline… the rest is varying percentages of Yoruba, Scottish, English, and Jewish.  I am 100% Jamaican.

Perhaps it’s fitting I was part of Bennetton’s international campaign!

United Colors of Benetton








I am a lover of stories and a storyteller at heart.  Whether it is playing a role in the telling of, or creating the tale itself, I’m curious about stories and all the ways they’re told. I also have an attention deficit so I limit my sharing to 8 minute bites, but if it’s worth making a meal out of, I’ll make the exception. 8 flipped on it’s side is ∞…

every story is infinite.