Julius Caesar – Free Shakespeare in the Park

playbill and statement, the public

Oh myopia!  Delta and Bank of America are bothered about a tree while standing in the middle of a forest. They huffed off with their funding and missed the point completely.

American Express clarified that they made no financial contribution to, nor do they “condone the interpretation of the Julius Caesar play.”

Well to me that is more troubling.  The interpretation?  The Public Theater’s current production of Julius Caesar couldn’t be more faithful to the spirit of this Shakespeare piece.  It’s a cautionary tale.  Tyranny is terrifying but maintaining democracy is a delicate balance.  To usurp democracy in response to tyranny renders democracy impotent and fuels the opposing fire.  The assassination is the impetus for the rest of the play.  It’s what happens next that we need to talk about, before the forest burns to the ground.

As for my thoughts on the artistic merits of the play, that’s another 8 minutes, but suffice to say I loved a lot of it.

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