“The White House watched for signs”

The feud had been going for three generations. Mindy didn’t understand why Ed didn’t just sell the stupid house and move them to the city that they loved. There was absolutely nothing special about the old wood paneled rooms other than their size. The plumbing was shit, the new central air and heat system had failed them two summers and two winters in a row and the garden never got enough light to sustain a basic of herb gardens.  Sitting out there was only ever a invitation to the mosquitos that it was happy hour. They might not be able to buy their dream loft in Brooklyn, but they’d get something decent.

But It didn’t seem to matter how much schooling one had or how much world travel one experienced. The bitterness had been encoded into the genes and now it was embedded into the very marrow of Ed’s bones.  To sell would be a victory to a family of faces they would never see again, and barely saw now. There wasn’t even anybody alive who could remember the argument  between the old men. 

8 min @ Kobricks Coffee NYC
dip source:  The New Yorker March 6 2017

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