“They are waiting to go to America”

The bed sags and bites.  Sherene takes the old woman’s advice and wraps a garbage bag around the mattress and puts the stained sheets over it. There are six of them in the room, Sherene shares the bed with Ziad but the old woman doesn’t have to share her bed with anybody. Sherene promised their mother she would make sure Ziad learns the language of their new country.  Every morning and every night they review the same twelve pages of the exercise book.  Half the book was lost at the camp in Calais. That is not all they lost there, but Sherene knows not dwell on the lost things. She is learning so many things in her twelfth year.

8 min @ Think Coffee, 21st and 3rd
dip source: The New Yorker, March 6 2017

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