“The response to the video was immediate”

Momma always said actions speak louder than words. Lissie didn’t waste time, it was of the essence as Momma would– dammit the woman was gone over ten years now and she still couldn’t shut up with the opinions and advice.  Lissie was glad she wasn’t alive to see the latest betrayal in what she had called a cursed union.  But maybe Momma would be proud of her finally finding her backbone.  Tiller women were the backbone of their families and having one was a birthright. Tiller women didn’t allow for men to ride roughshod over them. Tiller women ran the game. They were the Chief Executive Organizer of family details.  Lord that woman could beat a point. Well, Lissie was calling the shots now. She sat looking at the ziplocked cellphone and wondered how much longer before the locksmith got there.  She didn’t know what putting the phone in the bag served but she knew it was symbolic.

8 min @ Voyageur Espresso, John St (Fulton station)
dip source: The New Yorker, March 6 2017

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