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"Heading to set" - 3 little words that bring me such joy! Of course I can't say yet which set but stay tuned! ...

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Lucky to catch the current production of Julius Caesar in the Free Shakespeare in the Park series. Any reading of the play makes it pretty clear that violence in politics is NOT being endorsed.
The corporate sponsors are bothered about a tree while standing in the middle of a forest. They huffed off with their funding and missed the point completely. The assassination is the impetus for the rest of the play. It's what happens next that we need to talk about, before the forest burns to the ground. #democracyinjeopardy #bewaretyranny #bewarethoughttyrants

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Tragic news. There is black hole every time we are deprived of an artist too soon. I had the privilege of six degrees of separation when Chris Cornell and I both appeared in the movie, NEVER GET OUTTA THE BOAT, a deeply personal and raw look at the struggles of addiction and sobriety. RIP Chris Cornell. ...

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Some great exciting news!

Congratulations to Kimberly Huie. Winner of the 2015 Steam Whistle Award for the short film “Intervention”. Check out “Intervention” at the #Lakeshorts2015 Loved & Local screening.

Posted by Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


the intervention
this is my short. click and enjoy.
let me know what you think!