about the infinite 8s

The world is in a continual state of flux.  From the time I started and abandoned this writing exercise to its present resurrection the world has undergone seismic shifts.  I found myself caught in a cycle of worry and fear, anger and frustration.  Cue Talking Heads…

you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

How did I get here? I made a choice. I get to make choices every day. We all do. And our choices have impact beyond our immediate reckoning. Our choices are our individual super powers, we can choose for good or evil.

I chose to be an actor. I chose to be a storyteller. My choices led me to New York City, a complex metropolis and candy store of creativity. Telling stories helps me keep a perspective on what’s good and what’s important.  Stories have always guided us.

When my time is up I want to know that I lived life conscientiously and creatively, fully conscious of my actions and their impact.  When I do look back at the end, will I smile with contentment or fret about needing a little more time?

There are no do-overs, but I can begin now, in the middle.

About quick dips ∞ writes aka infinite 8s
a quick creative exercise that has infinite possibilities –  first dip into a literary source for inspiration ( the sources later became more random, currently I dip from The New Yorker magazine), then set the timer for 8 minutes and write*.  maybe some days i’ll be inspired to flip that 8 on its side and let the muse flow on…


*the writes take 8 min. but i do take a minute to edit for spelling and grammar.