make precise ticking things

Nana said it was only a matter of time.  A body could only take so much but a mind was a whole other matter.  Genny was a strong woman even though she didn’t immediately look it.  She wasn’t tall but she was solid; squat and solid and she could set her heels in like a mule when necessary. Genny’s skin was thick and she flinched at little.  Everyone marveled at what she endured but Nana said to mark her words the time would come.  It took forty years for  Genny’s long smoldering fuse to ignite.  What a fire it made.  The brightness could be seen for miles and it raged for hours.  There wasn’t much left of the farmhouse or the out buildings after and there was nothing left of Earl.

8min @ Soveriegn Cafe, Toronto
dip source: The New Yorker, Mar. 20, 2017


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