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It’s 10:05 on a Friday night and I’m standing in the longest line EVER at Duane Reade.  I just want to get home and peel my Spanx off; not only was that date an absolute waste of time, but I missed getting to Trader Joe’s before closing and now I’ve got to pay double for organic milk.  Oh my god I’ve never seen this many people in a drugstore in my life.  OdoubleMG, the guy in front of me on line just turned around I swear to god he’s a model or something.  He’s got a British accent, but very non-posh, like a Cockney or something, and he’s calling to some woman behind me to grab a couple more.  That’s when I see the half-dozen boxes of Lucky Charms he’s cradling in his arms. And then Niki, I shit you not, this Adonis must read the questioning look on my face and says, “they’re twice as much at home, like 8£ a box”.  I’m too stunned at this waste of beauty to respond.  I guess he thinks I’m still confused because he adds “that’s like $16?”

8 min on the F train 4/25/14
prompt from Jet Blue transit ad

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